What we learned in 2015

Welcome to 2016!  We are excited to bring you another year of insightful and informative events.  But, for anyone who missed some of our events of 2015, a few of the more popular ones are available for viewing through the links below.  Check them out!

Remix Strategy: The Three Laws of Business Combinations

Alliances, partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures are no longer exceptions in most businesses — they are part of the core strategy. As companies look to external partners for acquiring strategic resources and capabilities, they need a practical roadmap for ensuring these relationships generate value.

What’s In A Name?: Brand as Competitive Advantage

For companies large and small, across a variety of industries, brand is paramount. Learn about the latest social media, intellectual property, and other strategies for building and maintaining a brand.

The Science and Art of Compensation
The are myriad ways to structure compensation strategies that are motivating, rewarding, and good for business.  Learn about the variety components that can contribute to a plan and how to assess and create compensation plans for you team, advisors, and board members.

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