Authors & Innovators “Festival”: An Audience of Lifelong Learners & Connectors!

by Jacqueline M. Ganim-DeFalco | Marketing Recon

Whether seeking to press the “refresh” button in your business network or curious to find out about the latest discussions puzzling academics and entrepreneurs, you would have been pleasantly surprised to find this and more at the Gennari|Aronson event hosted at the gentile Wellesley College Club last week. (Oct 26-27).

The first compliment goes to Larry Gennari who was a gracious and knowledgeable host to the speakers and the attendees.  [Note: he must be a speed reader as he was able to offer insight on every single book.]  The format was unique in that the speakers were all authors, primarily from academia and the “innovators” were embedded in the audience, some with exhibits.  The word “law” was never mentioned – this was about supporting the innovation  community with ideas, best practices, thoughtful discussion and interaction… continue reading

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