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Executive Pursuits, a regular column in the Boston Business Journal, features articles written by Boston-area executives sharing their interests and hobbies outside of the workplace.

Larry Gennari, partner at Gennari Aronson and curator of Authors + Innovators Business Ideas Festival, shared highlights from some of the business books he has been reading in preparation for the upcoming second annual Authors + Innovators event on October 25 & 26.

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Executive Pursuits: In Search of a Good Business Book

by Larry Gennari

“When was the last time you read a really great book?” A reasonable and engaging question, I think, and one for which the answer is different for everyone.

Recently, I’ve turned my attention to business books, looking for ones that tell you something relevant and new and include key takeaways that you can implement today, next week or next quarter.

A few recent reads fit the bill. In “A New U: Faster & Cheaper Alternatives to College,” Ryan Craig of University Ventures covers the growing gap between college and actual employer needs and begs the question of what degree requirements should companies consider when hiring.

I also enjoyed two other recent business books that focus on corporate culture and priorities. Nigel Travis, author of “The Challenge Culture,” has written an engaging history of his storied corporate career, from Blockbuster to Dunkin’ — and he tells why creating a culture of listening, challenge and curiosity is fundamental for businesses and professional relationships.

Another local author, Carol Fulp, CEO of The Partnership, agrees. In her insightful book, “Success Through Diversity,” she lays out direct and commonsense steps managers can take to ensure that the way they think inside the company reflects the greater customer world outside.

The best books open our minds and challenge our assumptions and make reading a worthy pursuit for any executive.

Larry Gennari is a lawyer and chief curator for Authors & Innovators, an annual business book and ideas festival.

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