Give The Gift of Ideas: 10 great reads for innovators

Ready or not—The holiday season is upon us!   Instead of the old, the tired, and the usual stuff, consider the gift of inspiration & ideas. Here are 10 great reads, some of which were featured at this year’s Authors & Innovators event:

  1. Do More Faster by Brad Feld (and others). Starting up, getting stuck, moving forward; advice from those who have been there.
  2. Smart Collaboration by Heidi Gardner. Collaborating is easy right? Nope. Here’s why and here’s how.
  3. Jumpstarting America by Jon Gruber and Simon Johnson. Innovation thrives –and so do communities and universities –when government invests in our intellectual infrastructure!
  4. Leading With Dignity by Donna Hicks. Dignity is more and different than “respect:” understanding how and why makes all the difference for every team and company.
  5. The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton. The compelling story of perseverance, integrity, dignity and grace by a former death row inmate; a must-read for those who wish to cultivate those qualities for their companies and in themselves.
  6. Reboot: Leadership & the Art of Growing Up by Jerry Colonna. Great companies are built by humans, some brilliant, many broken, all with their own story and strengths.
  7. Are We There Yet? The American Automobile: Past, Present and Driverless by Dan Albert. A fun walk through the history of cars in the US and how they shape our lives today.
  8. How We Make Stuff Now by Jules Pieri. Innovators are creating citizen commerce, cool new products, and the next generation entrepreneurs.
  9. The Gifted Generation: When Government was Good by David Goldfield. An engaging history of federal programs created and implemented in the decades after World War II to ensure economic and business growth.
  10. The Birth of Loud by Ian Port. The fascinating parallel lives of inventor Leo Fender and musician Les Paul, the evolution of the electric guitar, and a turning point for rock and roll.

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