2012 DecisionPoint: Raise Another Round or Sell

Join our Panel of Experts as we explore the challenges and opportunities for established companies to raise money or attract a strategic or financial buyer in 2012. We’ll discuss the M&A and fundraising processes, common selling and negotiating mistakes, and leveraging strategic alternatives to maximize company valuation for a sale or subsequent round.
❖Brooke Ablon ∙ Partner, Fort Point Capital
❖A. Christopher Bulger ∙ Investment Banker and Investor; Bulger Capital Partners
❖Jean Hammond ∙ Angel Investor, former CEO
❖Charles Jacobs ∙ Strategic Consultant, 180 Partners & author of notable book: Management Rewired
❖Mark Ranalli ∙ Former CEO of Helium (acquired by R.R. Donnelly)
Moderator: Lawrence H. Gennari ∙ Partner ∙ Gennari Aronson, LLP