M&A Outlook 2013: Angling for a Deal

In today’s M&A marketplace, buyers have a very different perspective than sellers.  Understanding that dynamic is the key to finding and closing a successful deal.  Join us as we discuss overall M&A trends, the differing perspectives of strategic and financial buyers, and key steps sellers can take to stand out in a crowd.


  • John Carr ▫ Vice President ▫ Lionheart Ventures
  • Bryce Chicoyne ▫ CFO ▫ HealthcareSource HR, Inc.
  • Mike Kent ▫ Managing Director ▫ Bellmark Partners, LLC
  • David Krauser ▫ Director ▫ Highland Consumer Fund


  • Larry Gennari ▫ Partner ▫ Gennari Aronson, LLP