What do Buyers Want?: Developments in M&A in 2016

In 2016, will M&A be back?…

Many acquirors have a lot of cash on the balance sheet and, in a volatile market, will be looking for target companies that offer new customers, revenue, and sustainable value. Understanding what buyers really want is the key to finding and closing a successful deal.

Join us as we discuss overall M&A trends, the differing perspectives of strategic and financial buyers, and key steps sellers can take to stand out in a crowd. We will cover how to:

    • Identify key value drivers of any business
    • Think ahead about retaining and motivating employees
    • Assess current and future exit alternatives
    • Optimize tax efficiencies on a sale
    • Avoid common mistakes in negotiating and closing deals



Kelly Berardi, Partner, Gray, Gray & Gray
Philip Ianniello, Managing Director, Needham & Company
David Krauser, Partner, Highland Consumer Fund
Iain Michel, SVP Business Development, PTC

Co-sponsored with Gray Gray & Gray

Event is complementary, but space is limited. Please RSVP.

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