World Class

How immigrant entrepreneurs are creating companies with global reach…right from the start

Immigrants to the U.S. bring a fresh perspective on business fundamentals that can translate into exciting new companies and sustainable competitive advantages. In fact, from Alexander Graham Bell to Sergey Brin, America’s immigrant entrepreneurs have created and now lead some of the world’s most innovative companies, spurring growth in sectors from software and fintech to food and health care. Join us for a discussion on how immigrant entrepreneurs are reshaping the way innovative companies build global teams, finance their businesses, and attract customers and partners.

How do you finance a global business from the very start? How do you attract and retain a winning team across geography and time zones? How do attract “smart” advisors, board members, investors and strategic partners? How are immigrant entrepreneurs tackling these day to day business challenges? Join us to gain valuable insights and takeaways for your important operating and strategic decisions.

Do you have the right strategy for building and growing a company with global reach? Come find out!